Ceramic Filtration is a legendary method adopted to filter water. Over the years, this technology has become more and more sophisticated to increase effectiveness. The ceramic cartridge is porous, which allows water to pass through it. The size of these pores is the determining factor for the effectiveness of the cartridge. It is like a sieve- we would chose a fine sieve to remove smaller unwanted particles. The ceramic water filter cartridge would be a similar structure with millions of layers of the sieve put together.

The pore size of the ceramic cartridge is measured in microns which is one millionth of a metre. It is not visible to the naked eye. The main purpose of using a sophisticated ceramic cartridge is to remove micro-organisms and also achieve particulate filtration. Particulate filtration would include removal of dust, sand, etc that is usually very fine and may also be visible in the water. The microorganisms are the major concern- causing illness which may even be fatal in the case of children and the elderly.