If your in the market for a water filter, then you must be aware of the fact the all water filters are certainly not created equal. With so many different filtration technologies available in water filters today, along with the numerous marketing campaigns and claims - its difficult to filter through the fluff and find what your really looking for (quality).

Firstly you must ask yourself the question, what do I really want a water filter for? Is it to remove the Chlorine and bad taste from you tap water, is it to remove bacteria, microorganisms and other contaminants that cause bad health, or do you want to remove fluoride (and all other healthy trace minerals) from my water.

Once you have decided what your needs are its time to conduct some research, most people conduct there information searches online (Google), where they can make use of multiple resources to find what they are looking for. There a lot of companies in Australia that are purely resellers of Chinese and American water filters, these countries have completely separate water standards to Australia and these water filters may not we inline with the quality of water in Australia.

Try and find a company that is akin with the water quality in Australia and can provide a water filter that produces not only clean, but healthy water. A good way to evaluate this is, find out if the water filter leaves Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and other healthy trace minerals in the water. Once you have done your research, make a well researched purchase, buying a water filter will be an investment you and your family will never regret. Im sure you have heard the saying "you are what you eat", well "you are what you drink" also and if that happens to be contaminated water - your body's health is not optimised for an abundant life.